Take It To The Ozone – 1978

Freddie Hubbard

An explosive performance by Hubbard’s quintet

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Pianist Benny Green has often called Freddie Hubbard the greatest jazz trumpeter of all time and, while one could argue for Satchmo, Dizzy, Clifford Brown or a few others, it is difficult to find a trumpeter on a higher level than Hubbard at his best.

As evidence, this rendition of “Take It To The Ozone” from Umbria Jazz 1978 features Hubbard at the peak of his powers.

Playing at a rapid tempo, Freddie Hubbard’s flight is quite explosive, intense and exhilarating as he goes for broke and holds nothing back during his solo.

Keeping up with Hubbard is tenor-saxophonist Hadley Caliman who takes a fiery solo of his own, pianist Billy Childs who is prominent throughout, the tireless bassist Larry Klein, and drummer Carl Burnett who gets to solo before the fadeout.

-Scott Yanow


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