Taking A Chance On Love – 2014

David Liebman


The explorative Liebman digs into a standard

David Liebman has been a major saxophonist since his days with Elvin Jones in the early 1970s.

Very prolific and well-known for his soprano-sax and flute playing, Liebman is also a talented if underrated tenor-saxophonist who enjoys pushing the boundaries in his own personal way.

For this European performance from Mar. 29, 2014, Liebman is joined by pianist Leonardo Montana, bassist Rénald Fleury and drummer Jean-Benoit Culot.

Dave Liebman starts with an unaccompanied tenor exploration that in the second minute becomes the 1940s standard “Taking A Chance On Love.”

He digs into the song, hinting at Sonny Rollins at times, and keeping the melody in mind even during the most passionate moments.

Montana contributes an inventive solo full of dense chords and Liebman trades with drummer Culot before the tenor takes the joyful melody out.

-Scott Yanow

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