Tea For Two – 2012

Scott Hamilton

The great swing tenor plays with a top European trio

Scott Hamilton has been performing high-quality swing-based music since the mid-1970s.

In 2012 he met up with the Three Wise Men, a trio consisting of pianist Rossano Sportiello (who Hamilton has since worked with often), fellow tenor-saxophonist Frank Roberscheuten, and drummer Martin Breinschmid.

Robertscheuten brings “Tea For Two” in by playing its verse quite slow; Hamilton and Robertscheuten then split the melody before a drum break changes the tempo and the two tenors cook on a Coleman Hawkins line that utilizes the same chord changes.

Robertscheuten takes the first solo, playing in a style and tone that is similar to Hamilton’s.

After Hamilton has his spot, Sportiello (who plays a bass line throughout) hints at Count Basie during his improvisation before the joyful tune concludes.

-Scott Yanow


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