The Days Of Wine And Roses – 2023

Benny Benack III. and Anais Reno

Two of jazz’s brightest young stars perform together

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During the past few years, Benny Benack III has gained a strong reputation as an inventive, swing-oriented trumpeter and vocalist.

Anais Reno may have still been a teenager at the time, but she already sounded quite impressive, showing that Samara Joy is far from being the only young talented jazz singer around today.

Benack and Reno collaborated at an engagement at Chris’ Jazz Café in 2023 and were joined by tenor saxophonist Dylan Band, pianist Tim Brey, bassist Madison Rast, and drummer Khary Abdul-Shaheed.

The group swings their way through Henry Mancini’s “The Days Of Wine And Roses” with a fine vocal (sounding inventive during her second chorus) and tenor, trumpet, piano, and drum solos.

The future of straight-ahead jazz looks like it will be in very good hands.

-Scott Yanow


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