The World According to John Coltrane



The World According to John Coltrane examines the saxophonist’s contributions to music and the spirituality that guided his work.

The documentary features interviews with many of Coltrane’s contemporaries, including Wayne Shorter, Tommy Flanagan, and Jimmy Heath, as well as archival footage of the man himself.

Songs performed:

1. A Love Supreme
2. Alabama
3. Blue Monk
4. Dahomey Dance
5. Dear Lord
6. Eight Miles High
7. Giant Steps
8. Gospel Song
9. Gospel Song (Alternate)
10. Hot House
11. Impressions
12. Impressions (Alternate)
13. India
14. Koko
15. Moroccan Folk Song
16. My Favorite Things
17. My Favorite Things (Alternate)
18. Naima
19. Number One
20. Raga Bhimpalisi
21. Roscoe In Morocco
22. ‘Round Midnight
23. So What
24. Things To Come