Trio 3

Oliver Lake

Three sounds, One sound, All sounds

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Born in Marianna, Arkansas on September 14, 1942, Oliver Lake moved to St. Louis with his family where he initially played drums.

Switching to alto saxophone when he was eighteen, Lake worked with the Black Artists Group and earned his bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University in 1968.

Although he is mainly an alto player, Oliver Lake is equally gifted on soprano saxophone and flute.

In 1977 he co-founded the World Saxophone Quartet along with members Julius Hemphill, Hamiet Bluiett, and David Murray.

Since the late 1990s, Oliver Lake has continued to be a formidable force in Avant-Garde and Free Jazz with his group “Trio 3”.

Featuring bassist Reggie Workman, and drummer Andrew Cyrille this trio released their debut album “Live in Willisau” in 1997, followed by “Encounter” (2000), and “Open Ideas” (2002).

Oliver Lake performs with his group “Trio 3”.


Oliver Lake, alto sax
Reggie Workman, bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums


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