I’ll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive

John Lee Hooker

Johnny’s Pure Blues

John Lee Hooker (guitar & vocals) is captured on film at the University Of Washington in 1970.

John Lee Hooker produced dozens of songs a with and with out a band and switched from label to label, recording with various record companies and using such pseudonyms as Texas Slim, Delta John, and Johnny Lee to avoid contractual problems. He finally signed with Vee-Jay Records in 1955 releasing “Dimples” the following year. It became his first British hit a few years later. In 1961, Hooker recorded “Boom Boom,” a song that became a sensation among American youth of all races and helped bring a new audience to urban blues. The Animals 1964 cover of the song further established Hooker’s popularity, as his music crossed over to rock audiences in both Europe and the U. S. In the early 1970s John Lee Hooker moved to California, continuing to record and release songs with various artists and record labels.

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