100 Anos De Juventud


A colorful trumpet battle

Irakere, which was founded by its leader keyboardist Chucho Valdes in 1973, has been Cuba’s most significant musical group ever since.

The 1981 version of the group is seen on “100 Anos De Juventud,” a feature for trumpeters Jorga Varona and Juna Munguia.

The trumpeters take turns playing the lead on a pretty melody, they have short solos and tradeoffs that build up to some impressive high notes and then, after an ensemble, they take impressive cadenzas.

The unaccompanied sections find the trumpeters displaying impressive classical technique, showing some humor, and ends up with them battling to a tie.


Chucho Valdes, piano
Jorge Varona, trumpet
Juan Munguia, trumpet
German Velazco, alto sax, soprano sax
Carlos Averhoff, tenor sax, flute
Jose Luis Cortes “El Tosco,” flute, baritone sax
Carlos Emilio Morales, guitar
Carlos del Puerto, bass
Enrique Piano, percussion
Jorge Alfonso “El Nin,” congas
Oscar Vales, percussion, vocals

– Scott Yanow

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