Billy Cobham

Billy Cobham was one of the major drummers of the 1970s when he worked with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, was practically the house drummer for the CTI label, and led his own groups

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In 1981, the earliest version of Cobham’s Glass Menagerie (with guitarist Mike Stern and multi-instrumentalist Michal Urbaniak) recorded the Stratus album, but by year-end the band had changed personnel.

This live version of “AC/DC” features the original version of the group.

The catchy and funky tune serves as an infectious vehicle for solos by Urbaniak on the lyricon and Stern, making one wish that this ensemble had stayed together much longer.


Billy Cobham, drums
Michal Urbaniak, lyricon
Mike Stern, guitar
Gil Goldstein, keyboards
Tim Landers, bass

– Scott Yanow


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