Beautiful Love

Bill Evans

Jazz Piano Workshop, Berlin, Germany, 1965

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Crafted by the combined talents of Victor Young, Egbert Van Alstyne, and Wayne King, the timeless composition “Beautiful Love” graced the airwaves in 1931 through a heartfelt performance by the Wayne King Orchestra. Since then, this melodious creation has ascended to the status of a revered jazz standard, resonating across generations. Notably, its compelling allure also beckoned the gifted fingers of guitar virtuoso Joe Pass, who embraced its harmonies in his own unique rendition.

Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of New Jersey, Bill Evans emerged as a native son destined for greatness. His notes danced harmoniously within the tapestry of the Miles Davis sextet, a remarkable chapter in his musical journey. This was an era before Davis embarked on his explorations into the realms of electronics-fueled fusion jazz during the late ’60s, a phase that would redefine the course of jazz history.


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