Blues Dream/Ron Carter

Bill Frisell

The unique guitarist and his band play a medley in 2002

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Throughout his career, guitarist Bill Frisell has carved out his own musical category.

While associated early on with the jazz avant-garde, Frisell has kept his music open to country, rock and other inspirations, developing both a passionate sound and a laidback style.

At the 2002 Montreal Jazz Festival, Frisell and his septet of the time (with Greg Liesz on pedal steel guitar) perform a little bit of the atmospheric “Blues Dream” and then a full-length version of his tribute to a great bassist, “Ron Carter.”

This is primarily a performance by the ensemble with Bill Frisell in the lead throughout.


Bill Frisell, guitar
Ron Miles, trumpet
Curtis Fowlkes, trombone
Billy Drewes, tenor
Greg Liesz, pedal steel guitar
David Piltch, bass
Matt Chamberlain, drums

– Scott Yanow


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