C Jam Blues

Oscar Peterson Trio

Jazz Philarmonic – 1956

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A single, unassuming melody sparked the creation of countless brilliant improvisations—each one a testament to the power of musical creativity.

In this instance, we find the Oscar Peterson Trio at the helm, joined by Roy Eldridge lending his artistry on trumpet, while Illinois Jacquet and Flip Phillips contribute their mesmerizing tenor saxophone performances.

The rhythmic foundation is provided by Ray Brown on bass, complemented by the skilled strumming of Herb Ellis on guitar. Guiding the audience through this musical journey is none other than the unmistakable voice of announcer Norman Granz.

However, keep a keen eye on the drummer—none other than the remarkable Jo Jones. From the very first note to the final crescendo, his drumming ignites a fervent intensity that electrifies the entire performance. These were moments ablaze with musical brilliance—capturing an era when the artistry of the past ignited the spirits of all who bore witness.


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