Boogie Blues Etude

Oscar Peterson Trio

Ronnie Scott’s, London, 1974

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In the vibrant atmosphere of Ronnie Scott’s Club in London, 1974, the Oscar Peterson Trio took the stage, treating the audience to a sensational rendition of “Boogie Blues Etude.”

The trio’s lineup featured the masterful Oscar Peterson on piano, effortlessly guiding the keys with his virtuosity. Accompanying him was the skilled Niels Pedersen, who provided the rhythmic foundation on bass, enhancing the performance with his melodic prowess. Adding to the ensemble’s brilliance was Barney Kessel, whose deft touch on the guitar wove intricate musical textures into the composition.

As the trio embarked on their musical journey, the energy of the crowd blended seamlessly with the artists’ talents, creating an unforgettable night filled with the magic of music and the spirit of improvisation. This performance stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of the Oscar Peterson Trio and its ability to captivate audiences across borders and generations.


Oscar Peterson, piano
Niels Pedersen, bass
Barney Kessel, guitar


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