David Crosby hears John Coltrane live

South Side of Chicago – 1964

Unknown influences

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David Crosby relates his experience listening to John Coltrane in a bar on the South Side of Chicago in 1964.

Great to hear his unabashed appreciation of ‘Trane’s music.

Who knew that Coltrane had such a wide-ranging impact on rock and roll?

Carlos Santana is another musician who credits Coltrane as a major influence.

Interestingly enough, Miles Davis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2006.

That certainly broadened the definition of Rock and Roll.

Given his influence on so many major rock and roll musicians, maybe Coltrane deserves the nod too.

Coltrane quartet in Belgium – 1965


Untitled Original (Vigil)
My Favorite Things

– Ken McCarthy


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