Devil May Care

Diana Krall

Diana Krall and her quartet swing hard on “Devil May Care”

Singer and pianist Diana Krall always sounds at her best when she is joined by world-class musicians, particularly in a small group.

On this selection from the 2004 Montreal Jazz Festival, Ms. Krall digs into an episodic and unpredictable rendition of “Devil May Care.”

At first, Krall plays an introspective piano solo before launching into a very uptempo version of the Bob Dorough standard.

After Krall sings a chorus, guitarist Anthony Wilson really cooks during his solo.

Drummer Peter Erskine plays an inventive improvisation which is followed by Krall singing at the rapid tempo, bringing the exciting performance to a close.


Diana Krall, piano, vocals
Anthony Wilson, guitar
Robert Hurst, bass
Peter Erskine, drums

– Scott Yanow