Happy Birthday Roy Ayers

September 10, 1940


Everybody Loves The Sunshine

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Vibraphonist and composer Roy Ayers was born on September 10, 1940 in Los Angeles, California.

Ayers gained attention working with Herbie Mann in the late ‘60s. He is best known for his 1970s and 1980s LPs that fuse jazz, funk, and disco, including the soundtrack to the blaxploitation film Coffy.

Ayers continues to work, and his influence on the music of today is as apparent as ever.

Ayers initial interests in music sparked by family and the clubs of L.A.’s Central Avenue, would inspire him to become a vibraphonist, singer, and composer himself.

An omen to his eventual success came in the form of vibraphone mallets he received as a gift from Lionel Hampton when he was only five.

Beginning to make records playing in a jazz/funk style during the early 1960s Roy moved on to R&B and has since put his hands to numerous musical genres including jazz-fusion, disco, soul jazz, and hip hop

His sound is recognizable in the scores of many films, a memorable example of which is the highly acclaimed soundtrack for the 1973 Blaxploitation film “Coffy”, starring Pam Grier.

Roy Ayers is featured making a live 1993 appearance on the “Brewhouse Jazz” TV series.


Roy Ayers, vibes & vocals
Zachary Breaux, guitar
Rex Rideout, keyboards
Donald Nicks, bass
Dennis Davis, drums


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