Farewell Blues – 2014

Dan Levinson

A stirring version of a Dixieland standard

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In his career, Dan Levinson has proven to be a top-notch soloist on clarinet, C-melody sax and tenor, usually playing 1920s and ‘30s jazz.

A protégé of Rosy McHargue and a sideman with Banu Gibson, Levinson has also performed with a countless number of other top classic jazz artists during the past 20 years.

Levinson has led many interesting groups of his own that bring back early jazz without merely copying the past, playing creatively within the older styles.

From 2014, he leads the New Millenium All-Stars, a hot sextet that also includes cornetist Mike Davis, trombonist Josh Holcomb (whose fluency is quite impressive), pianist Ian Frenkel, bassist Rod Adkins, and drummer Rich Levinson during a stirring version of “Farewell Blues.”

-Scott Yanow


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