Live In Slovenia (1998)

Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron

“An Evening With Two Greats”

Pianist Kenny Barron, who first gained recognition playing with the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet in the 1960s, has long been a major modern straight ahead jazz pianist, one with his own relaxed and swinging style.

Bassist Charlie Haden, who came to fame as an avant-gardist with the Ornette Coleman Quartet, was a very versatile player with his own large sound and thoughtful style.

In 1998 Haden and Barron performed duets at a concert in Slovenia.

During extensive versions of “Gone With The Wind” (which is taken as a piano solo), Haden’s classic “First Song,” “Cherokee,” “Twilight Song,” and “ Everything Happens To Me,” Haden and Barron create classic jazz.


Kenny Barron, piano
Charlie Haden, bass

– Scott Yanow