Meeting Of The Spirits and You Know You Know – 1972

Mahavishnu Orchestra


A performance by one of the most important fusion bands

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The original Mahavishnu Orchestra only lasted two years (1971-73) and recorded three albums, but it had quite an impact.

Comprised of guitarist-leader John McLaughlin, violinist Jerry Goodman, keyboardist Jan Hammer, bassist Rick Laird, and drummer Billy Cobham, it was one of the most high-powered bands of its era, often playing with the ferocity and volume of a rock group while featuring complex compositions and sophisticated improvisations.

This film clip from 1972, aired by the BBC, is actually fairly laidback with McLaughlin in a supportive role while Goodman, Hammer and Cobham star

While some thought of the Mahavishnu Orchestra as a rock band, there is no doubt that the playing on this piece is jazz.

-Scott Yanow

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