Molde, 1966

Keith Jarrett


A brilliant piano solo from Jarrett near the beginning of his career

Keith Jarrett became world famous in the 1970s due to the popularity of his freely improvised solo piano concerts.

A child prodigy and a classical pianist by the time he was seven, he switched to jazz as a teenager, attended Berklee for a year, and during part of 1965-66 was a member of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers.

Heard by drummer Jack DeJohnette, Jarrett soon became a member of the increasingly popular Charles Lloyd Quartet, an adventurous jazz unit that was atttacting a large rock audience.

This rare film clip has an already recognizable Keith Jarrett taking a piano solo at the Molde Jazz Festival in 1966, accompanied by bassist Cecil McBee and drummer DeJohnette.

-Scott Yanow

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