“Doctor John” (Mac Rebennack) (1941-2019)

“Such a Night” From the movie “The Last Waltz” (1978)

Hero of the battle of New Orleans

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My two Dr. John stories:

I happened to be over at this place in New Orleans (post hurricane, but pre-boom) when “Down in New Orleans,” a song he recorded for the movie “Princess and the Frog,” was nominated for an Oscar. He didn’t win.

His comment: “We got the meyer and the wiener, but not da other thing.”

My arm was in a sling and he ask me what happened.

Mac: “Ken, what happened to your arm, man?”

I told him: “I put my hand somewhere it didn’t belong.”

His answer: Eye brows raised. “Oh.”

The Los Angeles Times said it best: “A chief architect of the New Orleans sound”

I would add: A tireless champion of his city and his fellow musicians.

And of course, hipper than hip.

Full concert – Newport Jazz Fest – August 13, 2006


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