Pineapple – 2022

Snarky Puppy

A happy original from the popular group

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Snarky Puppy is one of the more unlikely successes in the jazz world even though they do not think of themselves as being strictly a jazz group.

Founded in 2004 by bassist Michael League, it took some time for the band to catch on but now they have a large following.

Snarky Puppy blends together jazz with funk, rock and World Music as a type of instrumental Steely Dan group.

While some may think of Snarky Puppy as a big band, they have an unusual instrumentation which on this 2022 rendition of “Pineapple” consists of three guitars, four keyboards, violin, two trumpets, two tenors, electric bass, three drummers, and three percussionists.

The likable “Pineapple” features solos from tenor-saxophonist Bob Reynolds and keyboardist Julian Stanton.

-Scott Yanow


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