Royal Garden Blues – 2015

Mike Davis’ New Wonders


Some of the young giants of trad jazz

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Although it has not been getting many headlines even in the jazz press, New York City has been the home of a classic jazz revival during the past decade.

While there are very few survivors left from the music’s heyday, a newer generation of talented musicians who are interested in playing 1920s and ‘30s jazz has arrived on the scene.

Cornetist Mike Davis’ New Wonders is one of many groups that are bringing back the vintage music, not by copying the past but by playing creatively within the genre.

For this relaxed version of “Royal Garden Blues” (which is played in the style recorded by Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines in 1924), Davis is joined by trombonist Emily Asher, clarinetist Ricky Alexander, guitarist-banjoist Glenn Crytzer, bass saxophonist Jay Rattman, and drummer Jay Lepley; all of these musicians are important participants in the classic jazz revival.

-Scott Yanow


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