The Shiek Of Araby – 1977

Barney Bigard, Kenny Davern, Bob Wilber and Eddie Daniels

Four of the greatest clarinetist jam together

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At a jazz festival in 1977, four of the all-time great jazz clarinetists jammed together on “The Shiek Of Araby.”

With excellent backing by pianist Dick Hyman, bassist Jack Sewing, and drummer J.C. Heard (who takes a colorful solo), one gets to see and hear Barney Bigard (a veteran of the 1920s), Kenny Davern (who started in the late 1950s), Eddie Daniels (from the 1960s), and Bob Wilbur (who first recorded in the late 1940s) taking their turns.

Bigard sounds fine, Davern cuts everyone, Daniels is the most modern soloist, and Wilber keeps the music swinging.

-Scott Yanow


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