Things To Come

Dizzy Gillespie

The 1947 Gillespie Orchestra performs their most radical piece


Dizzy Gillespie was not only one of the greatest jazz trumpeters of all time but the co-founder of both bebop and Afro-Cuban (or Latin) jazz.

Always more than a trumpeter, Gillespie taught a countless number of musicians how to play bop (succeeding at making bebop the new mainstream of jazz), and his humorous showmanship helped to expand the audience for the once-forbidding music.

This clip from the 1947 short film Jivin’ In Bebop features Gillespie and his big band playing their most advanced arrangement, the perfectly-titled “Things To Come.”

The music (featuring Gillespie, vibraphonist Milt Jackson, altoist Scoops Cary, drummer Joe Harris, and the trumpet section) still sounds futuristic today.

-Scott Yanow