Meet Me On Sugar Hill

Eddie Kirkland & The Wentus Blues Band

“2010 Blue Jazz & Blues Fest”

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The legendary Eddie Kirkland (guitar & vocals) performs with the “Wentus Blues Band” at The Blue Jazz & Blues Festival in Aalborg, Denmark during August 2010 featuring Juho Kinaret (vocals), Kim Vikman (guitar), Pekka J. V. Grohn (keyboard), Robban Hagnas (bass), and Mikael Axelqvist (drums).

Known for his rigorous touring schedule Eddie Kirkland left his home in Dothan, Alabama when he was twelve as a stowaway with the Sugar Girls Medicine Show. After serving in the army during W. W. II Eddie settled in Detroit in 1949. He was influence early on by Blind Arthur Blake and would be one of the few able to play behind the erratic guitar style of John Lee Hooker.

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