My Black Mama part 1

Son House

March 21, 1902 – October 19, 1988

Recorded in Grafton, Wisconsin on May 28, 1930 featuring Son House (guitar & vocals).

Eddie “Son” House grew up in a religious family living in the Mississippi delta.

His failed marriage to an older woman from New Orleans named Carrie Martin compounded with the death of his mother caused House to become disillusioned with settling down.

He moved around frequently finding menial labor jobs which he despised until his acceptance as the paid pastor of a Baptist Church.

His urges for whiskey and woman cause him conflict and he long contemplated leaving the church.

In 1927 Son House first hear a bottle neck slide used to play guitar and soon acquired an instrument and began teaching himself.

The delta blues patriarch would educate and inspire countless blues men including
Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.

Son House would become a close friend and running mate of the legendary “Father of the Delta Blues” Charlie Patton.

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