2 songs – 1960

Kay Starr

A rare television appearance by one of the great singers

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Kay Starr (1922-2016) could sing anything, from jazz and pop to country, gospel, and even rock & roll.

A jazz singer at heart, she was singing on the radio by the time she was seven, had stints with the orchestras of Bob Crosby, Glenn Miller, Joe Venuti, Wingy Manone and Charlie Barnet while still a teenager, and was signed to Capitol Records in 1946.

Starr was in her prime during the next 20 years, having hits with “Bonaparte’s Retreat,” “The Rock And Roll Waltz,” and Wheel Of Fortune.”

Here she is in 1960 on a Bob Hope television special, singing two songs including “Waiting At The End Of The Road,” and showing just how powerful and appealing a singer she was during her prime years.

-Scott Yanow


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