Can a piano absorb “vibes”?

How a piece of jazz history was saved

History is an important part of the art

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Last year, the piano from the old Village Gate went up for sale.

Who played on it?

Here’s the shortlist: Count Basie, Thelonious Monk, Ahmad Jamal, Bill Evans, Eddie Palmieri, Errol Garner, Nina Simone, Sun Ran…and on and on.

Fortunately, a local jazz community stepped up and saved this irreplaceable piece of jazz history – and put it back to work in a jazz club.

Can a piano absorb “vibes”?

I’m not superstitious, but I believe the answer is “yes.”

I once had the opportunity to play the piano I knew well after Cecil Taylor had spent 8 hours+ working out on the day previously. All I can say was it was transformed. Something changed.

Here’s an example of the fun this piano has been party to over the years.

Tito Puente and friends. (You only hear the piano in the beginning, then the percussionists take over.)


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