Flowers – 1969

Phil Woods and his European Rhythm Machine


A musical adventure by one of Phil Woods’ most creative bands

Altoist Phil Woods spent much of his life playing bebop-oriented music, whether it was standards in the 1950s or newer pieces in the straight ahead jazz tradition in the 1980s.

However during his period living in Europe (1968-72), he led his most adventurous group, the European Rhythm Machine.

The quartet was originally comprised of pianist George Gruntz, bassist Henri Texier and drummer Daniel Humair; Gordon Beck succeeded Gruntz in 1969.

The European Rhythm Machine allowed Woods to interact with younger musicians, to really stretch himself and explore a bit of avant-garde jazz, and to be challenged by the new music.

This performance of his original “Flowers” from 1969 has Woods, Beck, Texier and Humair digging into an episodic and colorful work.

-Scott Yanow