Las Margaritas


“A fine feature for German Velazco on soprano”

The 1981 version of Cuba’s Irakere was well documented on film.

“Las Margaritas” starts out as a ballad with founder Chucho Valdes on electric piano.

Soprano-saxophonist German Velazco takes the lead, plays the mellow melody and then, when the arrangement picks up steam after two minutes, he is featured in a heated solo.

The rest of the horns eventually join in, raising the temperature level before Velazco brings the piece down to its original mood, ending with a bit of excitement.


Chucho Valdes, piano
Jorge Varona, trumpet
Juan Munguia, trumpet
German Velazco, alto sax, soprano sax
Carlos Averhoff, tenor sax, flute
Jose Luis Cortes “El Tosco,” flute, baritone sax
Carlos Emilio Morales, guitar
Carlos del Puerto, bass
Enrique Piano, percussion
Jorge Alfonso “El Nin,” congas
Oscar Vales, percussion, vocals

– Scott Yanow

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