Moment’s Notice – 2020

Matt Wilson

An uptempo version of a Coltrane classic with an all-star group including Benny Green and Chris Potter

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This is a rather extraordinary performance.

Drummer Matt Wilson heads an all-star group in 2010 that also includes both Chris Potter and Marcus Strickland on tenors, pianist Benny Green, and bassist Martin Wind.

On one of John Coltrane’s greatest compositions, “Moment’s Notice,” the tempo is raging from the start with Potter setting a very high standard during his passionate solo.

Marcus Strickland, who starts his improvisation dueting with Wilson, plays at the same high level, and then Benny Green, performing with a remarkable amount of intensity yet staying within the chord structure, takes a thunderous solo of his own, causing the other musicians to smile.

Modern jazz at its best.

-Scott Yanow


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