RIP Bob Greene

I thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say

September 4, 1922 – October 13, 2013

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Peter Aller, vocals
Erik Spiermann, soprano sax.
Bob Greeme, piano
John Neess, banjo
Carsten Lynge, tuba
Mike Schack, Washboard

“If there were such a thing, Greene would hold the Jelly Roll Morton Chair of Music at an Ivy League college.” – Whitney Balliett, jazz critic.

Greene first heard Morton’s music in the 1940s and became entranced. (Morton died in 1941.)

He initially made his living as a writer, writing award winning radio and TV documentaries and he viewed his passion for Morton’s music as a serious hobby.

Then, shocked by the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by shadowy elements still not prosecuted, he decided to give up the writing life for music, specifically mastering and performing the art of Jelly Roll Morton for others all over the world.

Why devote one’s life to recreating the work of Jelly Roll Morton?

Greene’s answer:

“Because there’s beauty there, there’s excitement, there’s love. If that can be transmitted to a live audience, some of the aroma of the original happens again.”

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