Rahsaan Roland Kirk & John Cage (documentary)

London, 1967

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Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John cage are featured in London in the 1967 music documentary Sound??” produced by Mike Hodges and directed by Dick Fontaine.


1 “Roland Kirk in Concert”
2 “Collective Improvisation”
3 “Playing at the Zoo”
4 “Blues”
5 “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”

An experiment in musical cinema the film intertwines the innovative jazz of Roland Kirk played at Ronnie Scott’s club with the contemplations of his Avant-garde contemporary, pianist and composer John Cage at London’s Seville Theatre.

Kirk demonstrates his ability to simultaneously play three saxophones, passing out whistles amongst his audience he insists that they accompany him “in the key of w.”

In two shining examples of Avant-gardism John Cage shares his concepts while preparing his production “musical bicycle” with two collaborators, introducing Kirk’s music in an echo chamber.


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