Space Is The Place

Sun Ra

Space is the Place

Space Is The Place – The Power of Jazz

In 1974 Sun Ra made the film Space Is The Place featuring himself and his Arkestra. The film serves a few objectives for Sun Ra including showing the struggle between good and evil in American society, the need for African-Americans to repair their self worth after centuries slavery and racism, and even deals with physics and metaphysics of the Universe through sound. These themes defined Sun Ra’s career and as strange as he may have appeared to some his goal through his life and music above all else was to raise awareness of the individual and shift the perspective from how we are trained to see the world today to the reality that is and always has been. Sun Ra was what seems like a unique man with a unique view of the world especially now, but upon studying the spiritual history of man, philosophy and metaphysics, the roots of Sun Ra’s message have been echoed through time for thousands and thousands of years.

Philosophy aside, Space Is The Place is an entertaining watch for any Jazz fan and definitely worth the time.

The Differences

Sometimes in the amazing ignorance
I hear things and see things
I never knew I saw and heard before
Sometimes in the ignorance
I feel the meaning
Invincible invisible wisdom,
And I commune with intuitive instinct
With the force that made life be
And since it made life be
It is greater than life
And since it let extinction be
It is greater than extinction.
I commune with feelings more than
For there is nothing else to ask for
That companionship is
And it is superior to any other is.
Sometimes in my amazing ignorance
Others see me only as they care to see
I am to them as they think
According the standard I should not be
And that is the difference between I and them
Because I see them as they are to is
And not the seeming isness of the was.
-Sun Ra

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