The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me – 2021

Jon-Erik Kellso


Trad jazz lives

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While jazz history books tend to concentrate on the most cutting edge music of each era, the older styles of jazz have never disappeared or become extinct or stale.

Swing and early jazz have been played by world class players (usually out of the spotlight) for more than 80 years, often on the level of the original innovators.

Trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso has been leading his Ear-Regulars at New York’s Ear Inn during the past few years on a regular basis.

The pandemic forced the music outside but, as can be seen by this fun performance, it has not resulted in any joy being lost.

Kellso is joined by Scott Robinson (who can play in any style on almost any instrument as he has shown by working with both the Maria Schneider Orchestra and Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks) on tenor, guitarist Chris Flory, and bassist Pat O’Leary.

In addition to the fine solos (with Robinson sometimes hinting at Lester Young), the interplay between the two horns and their tradeoff result in an exciting performance.

-Scott Yanow


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