The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

Interview starts at 6:21

An important film recovered

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A captivating encounter unfolds as Bill Evans welcomes his own flesh and blood, his brother Harry, to partake in a profound exploration of jazz’s essence.

In a masterful rekindling of the past, a concise cinematic restoration presents the essence of the original 45-minute telecast, capturing the heart of Bill Evans’s intellectual exchange with his composer sibling. As the melodious notes of discourse dance through the air, the two brothers delve into the intricate tapestry of creativity within the realm of jazz. Notably, Harry Evans, a distinguished figure in his own right, held the mantle of a music professor at Louisiana State University during this period, enriching the conversation with his scholarly insights.

A remarkable shift from his reserved onstage demeanor, Bill Evans dons the mantle of a provocateur, demonstrating an unexpected penchant for stirring discourse. His incisive inquiries and thought-provoking probes unearth the very essence that defines jazz, traversing the labyrinthine pathways of artistic expression with his signature blend of insight and innovation.

Bill Evans on the Marian McPartland Show


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