When You Coming Home Eric?

Charles Mingus Sextet

Stockholm, 1964

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Eric Dolphy’s final performs with the “Charles Mingus Sextet” in Stockholm, Sweden in 1964.

One of his final performances in April 1964 Eric Dolphy engages in a relaxed rehearsal set.

Upon learning of Dolphy’s plan to remain in Europe with his fiancé after their tour had finished, Mingus asked him “how long you going to stay?” a question to which the saxophonist had not answer.

Set List:

1 “So Long Eric”
2 “Meditations On Integration”
3 “So Long Eric”


Johnny Coles, trumpet
Eric Dolphy, alto sax, flute, & bass clarinet
Clifford Jordan, tenor sax
Jaki Byard, piano
Charles Mingus, bass
Danny Richmond, drums


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