Psychedelic Pi – 2012

Dr. Lonnie Smith


An infectious groove piece

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When it comes to setting up a catchy groove on the organ, few are on the level of Dr. Lonnie Smith.

Although he is not really a doctor or (despite wearing a turban) a Hindu, Dr. Lonnie Smith has his own magical charisma and is a colorful character

Most importantly, he has been one of the top jazz organists of the past 50 years, really coming into his own since the 1990s.

On his infectious “Psychedelic Pi” (a one-chord vamp), the organist is in the spotlight along with guitarist Ed Cherry; they are accompanied by Smith’s In The Beginning octet which also includes trumpeter Andy Gravish, altoist Ian Hendrickson-Smith, John Ellis on tenor, baritonist Jason Marshall, drummer Jonathan Blake, and percussionist Johnny Rivero

-Scott Yanow


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