The Mooche – 2012

The Three Cohens


Anat Cohen and her two brothers dig into a vintage blues

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The Three Cohens consist of siblings Anat Cohen (clarinet), Avishai Cohen (trumpet), and Yuval Cohen (soprano-sax).

While each of the Cohens have had strong solo careers (particularly Anat), they have occasionally performed together, always making memorable music.

With pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Rudy Royston in 2012, the Three Cohens explore Duke Ellington’s 1928 classic “The Mooche” which, after its infectious melody, becomes a medium-tempo blues that gives each of the co-leaders a chance to stretch out.

The performance cuts off as the closing melody begins, but a lot of fine music takes place before the abrupt ending.

-Scott Yanow


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