Who’s Sorry Now – 2014

Howard Alden


Some hot playing by an all-star quintet

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Jazz parties generally feature jam session-type groups filled with compatible swing, Dixieland and straight ahead jazz players performing standards.

On Sept 18, 2014 at the Allegheny Jazz Party, a drumless quintet comprised of guitarist Howard Alden, trumpeter Duke Heitger, trombonist Bob Havens, pianist Rossano Sportello, and bassist Nicki Parrott performed a spirited version of “Who’s Sorry Now.”

The trumpet-trombone frontline worked out well, Sportiello provided some fine stride piano, Havens (84 at the time) was in excellent form, Alden contributed a mostly chordal guitar solo, Heitger’s statement was relaxed and full of authority, and Parrott took a pair of swinging choruses.

The fun performance concludes with two hot ensemble choruses that made it sound as if there were a regularly working unit rather than a quintet that only played together during this one set.

-Scott Yanow


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